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  March 14, 2021    Fiddles Around the World featuring Irish. Balkan & Scandanavian fiddles with Edwin Huizinga.

    March 28, 2021    François Couperin Tenebrae Lessons and Marain Marias Tombeau de Lully with Laura Heimes,

        Julianne Baird, John Mark Rozendaal, Karen Flint & Donna Fournier.

   April 18, 2021    Harpsichord Heaven — featuring Gwendolyn Toth, Janine Johnson & Duos by Gwendolyn Toth & Dongsok Shin.

    April 25, 2021    Harpsichord Heaven — featuring Karen Flint, Jonathan Salamon & Arthur Haas.

     October 11, 2020    Eyewitness to History & Recounter of His Own Fate Suites by Johann Jakob Froberger featuring  

        Arthur Haas, harpsichord

     October 11, 2020    Music for Two Viols featuring John MArk Rozendaal & Donna Fournier 

     November 1, 2020    Catherine (Kitty) Clive: Her Look is Measure and Her Action Sound Lecture by John Burkhalter

     November 8, 2020    Kitty Clive, 18th-Century Songtress & Actor featuring Laura Heimes and Karen Flint

     November 22, 2020    Pieces in G by Jean Henry D'Anglebert featuring Karen Flint, harpsichord

     December 6, 2020    A Violin's Journey featuring Martin Davids, violin

     December 20, 2020    Sonatas and More featuring Laura Heimes, Martin Davids, John Mark Rozendaal and Karen Flint


     January 10, 2021    A Fanatsy, a Folly and a Double Image featuring Eileen Grycky, flute

     January 24, 2021    Dazzling Virtuoso & Darling at the Court of Louis XVI: Pièces de Clavecin of Claude Balbastre
       by Arthur Haas on the Goermans, 1768 harpsichord.

    February 14, 2021    Catherine (Kitty) Clive - Her Look is Measure and Her Action Sound – Lecture by John Burkhalter.
   February 21, 2021    Kitty Clive Sings Arne, Boyce & Handel with Laura Heimes, Martin Davids, John Mark Rozendaal

        Donna Fournier & Karen Flint.



The 2020-2021 Season concerts premiere on the following Sundays at 3:00 pm (Eastern Time). Performances will be available to watch throughout the season once they have premiered.

Past Concert are available on demand HERE.

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