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The Contrapuntal Genius of J.S. Bach

What defines Bach’s solo keyboard music more than anything else is his mastery of the contrapuntal art. From the two and three part Inventions and Sinfonias, to the Well Tempered Clavier, toccatas, stand alone fantasies and fugues, canons, even dance movements from some of his suites, Bach’s genius of this form, not only technically but also musically, shines forth in myriad ways. We will explore Bach’s contrapuntal music in all its diversity and depth. Participants will be asked to prepare several pieces from these various genres and perform them on instruments in the Flint Collection. There will be an introductory lecture about this music as well as one on instruments in the collection.

This workshop will take place in the Barn at the renowned Flint Collection of Keyboard Instruments. Participants will attend six masterclasses and have the opportunity to practice on antique instruments from the collection. Complementing the workshop will be lectures and a final public concert presented by all the participants. Space is limited, so apply as early as possible.


Admission is by recorded audition only and space is very limited.  All admitted students will have practice time on antique harpsichords from the Flint Collection.

May 27-31, 2022 • Download an application HERE.
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Application instructions available HERE.

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