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French Harpsichordists of the
Grand Siècle
with Olivier Baumont

The first French harpsichord school succeeded in combining the variety of lute dance rhythms with the fullness of organ writing, the freedom and virtuosity of the Italian keyboard with the sonic power of opera transcriptions. Perhaps more than anything else, this school paid particular attention to the quality of touch and the resonance of the instrument. An essential text for the knowledge of the art of French harpsichordists of the “Grand Siècle”, appeared in 1680 in the Lettre de Mr. Le Gallois à Mademoiselle Regnault de Solier touchant la Musique,. It was Le Gallois, describing the beautiful manner of Chambonnières’ playing, who best characterizes his superb art as “The source of elegant touch” (La source de la belle manière du toucher).

This course is a unique opportunity for student to explore the art of a beautiful touch on antique harpsichords at the renowned Flint Collection of Keyboard Instruments. Participants will attend six masterclasses and have the opportunity to practice on antique instruments from the collection. Complementing the workshop will be lectures and a final public concert presented by all participants and a recital by Olivier Baumont following the course. Space is limited, so apply as early as possible.


Admission is by recorded audition only and space is very limited.  All admitted students will have practice time on antique harpsichords from the Flint Collection.

May 23-28, 2023 • Download an application HERE.
Application instructions available HERE.

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